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Liquifusion Studios provides technology consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. We have a core group of business technology specialists who are creative, reliable and hard-working.

Doug Harrison

Doug Harrison

Founder & President

Doug passed the CPA exam in 1990 and began his career with Price Waterhouse. As an auditor, he worked with clients such as Walt Disney, Tupperware and Baxter Industries. He started his own consulting business in 1999 and has been providing custom database and website development to various small businesses and state agencies ever since. His focus has been working with small business owners to make their businesses more effective through the use of technology. Doug uses his extensive financial and small business background to your advantage when building database and online systems.

"My experience has been that most application and software developers who serve small businesses know how to build cool stuff, but don't know how to build an efficient, reliable and effective system. Most are unfamiliar with the reconciliation concept—making sure they have control numbers for any amounts and balances. I ask one simple question—how do you know it's right? If I can't answer that—I know the system isn’t ready."

Chris Peters

Chris Peters

Web Developer

Chris works from Springfield, Ohio, and brings over a decade of experience building websites and web-based software. His interests are in marketing, visual design, usability, and programming. This gives Chris the ability to see the project from many different perspectives and provide clients with a complete solution.

"My focus for some time has been on building interfaces that you can understand and trust. When you type text into a box or click on a link, you should be the one in control, not the system. Accomplishing this is harder than it seems, and that makes it fun for me."

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